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Live Music-Friday May 5th

Our live music for May is something new to The Ridge, but we are SO EXCITED to welcome @TZRloops for the first time, and we hope you will join us too!

Reservations recommended at 519-696-2757 or

A little about Tyler:

Tyler Siroky, aka TZR, is an avant-garde solo musician who hails from Kitchener, Ontario. With a guitar, a keyboard, and a loopstation, TZR meshes and melds popular music from multiple generations into compositions that have wowed audiences of all ages. In fact, the name TZR comes from the way he “teases” your favourite long-lost earworms into the structure of today’s popular music, sometimes going as far as mashing up 3 to 4 different songs into one piece.

“Music is a shared experience,” reflects TZR. “When I listen to today’s music, I notice how certain melodies and chords fit so perfectly together with songs from my generation and my parents’ generation. When I mash old and new songs together, my goal is to bring the listener into my world, to share the memories and experiences of those catchy tunes that we’ve been listening to for years.”

- Tyler’s solo act is exclusively guitar, keyboard and vocals despite the fact that he is a jazz-trained electric bass player.

- Tyler is a big fan of The Beatles and the Canadian power trio: Rush!

- he is a sci-fi and fantasy nerd, enjoying works like Star Wars, Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons

- by night, Tyler is a musician who plays bass and guitar in various bands, by day he is an Arts teacher at a Cambridge elementary school.

- he can play over 12 different instruments including the trombone, drums and ukulele.

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